What to ask a wedding videographer


Getting a videographer for your wedding is a worthwhile investment, but how do you know that you are getting value for your money? Here is a list of questions that you can ask him/her.

What equipment do you use?

We use cameras that have a track record in the industry. Currently we use DSLR’s and a Sony FS 100.

How many cameras do you use?

We prefer using two cameras in church or outdoor ceremony because it allows us the freedom during the editing process.

Do you have any back-up equipment?

Of course. You never know what may happen.  Once, during an energetic dance routine, a couple bumped our camera off the table and it broke. Though the loss was monetary, the recording of the evening was not influenced, because we had back up.

How long have you been doing videographer?

It is important for your peace of mind to know that the videographer you chose is indeed a professional and has experience in the services he claims to be providing. If he has a track record and positive referrals, chances are that he is not a fly-by-night and will not disappear with your deposit.

What will happen if due to unforeseen circumstances you can not make it?

We are part of a professional network, and I will only allow videographers with my level of expertise to take over my shoots if I can not do it. You can be assured that you will still get top quality services. We have a team of professional videographers we have groomed ourselves.

Do you prefer working with a specific photographer?

Wedding Photographer and videographer team work

Wedding Photographer and videographer team work

I can work with most photographers as long as they are willing to work as a team so that we cal allow you to shine. There are unfortunately a few we do not want to work with. They have a direct impact on our video and we cannot always control that. Same can be said for certain DJ’s as they have a negative impact on our production. We generally discuss this with the couple even before we come to booking stage. In the end, our aim is to provide a top end product, not a watered down version of your wedding.

Do you use video lights?

Yes, we do. We use a specific video light. By correctly setting the video lights up it is not an inconvenience but just adds to the quality of the wedding video. Our camera’s are amazing and can most of the time record in the ambiant light, but if we feel the quality of our video would be affected, we will use some selective lighting. 

Do you use cordless mikes to record the service and speeches?

Yes, we do. We sometimes use a double set. Our cameras have two sound channels. We always have a back up. It is good to be prepared for any eventuality. We also have a 3rd back up thats a portable recording device as our sound back up.

What is your dress code?

It is a wedding and we dress appropriately for it.  If we have special request from our bridal couple we will do all we can to adhere to it. We have even dressed in mediaeval amour as part of the wedding theme.

Will you go to any location?

Absolutely! We love travelling. Especially overseas. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

Do you have a legal contract?

Yes, we do. A contract is protection that goes both ways. It just basically avoid ANY misunderstandings on both sides.

How long does it take to edit our wedding video?

We really try to give it to the couple within 12 weeks of the wedding. The average time we spend on editing is about 20 to 35 hours. Taking into account that we are booked out most weekends and have mid week shoots as well, the 20 to 35 hours will be spread over these weeks.

Can you provide us with more than one copy?

Yes, we can.

Do you go over time?

If you would like us to. Our contract stipulates the price for over time recording and you have to remember that extra recording will directly impact on our editing time and cost.

What packages do you offer?

We have standard packages that are available and we often customise unique wedding packages to suit your needs.  Please ask us about it.

At Wedding Video Perth we value continual conversation with our clients and it important to us that you know you are getting qualified and experienced videographers.  If you would like more information regarding the packages that we can customise for you, please contact us.

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Your wedding video produced in Perth | 24 hours

The question that stumps me is when people ask: “Why do we need a wedding video or for that matter a professional wedding videographer?” The answer is simple: “You only get one chance to capture your wedding on video, that one moment that allows your magical day to be captured in all its beauty, for you to not have just for one day … but for always”. Nothing can tell a story like video. In this case your wedding video. Just have a look on any social media channel. Video have become part of life. Telling life stories in 3o seconds or 5 minutes. Your wedding video will tell your wedding story.

Wedding video in Perth

Wedding video in Perth

Wedding video in Perth

Your wedding day is over within 24 hours, there is no turning back the clock … Studio 777’s Professional Wedding Videographers will capture your most precious day for you and your loved ones, to be able to cherish long after the day’s end. It took you months and even years to source just the right dress and flowers. Not even to mention the hours you spend on the road to visit all your suppliers. Being Perth based videographers, our brides can easily visit us and meet with us.

Wedding Video Margaret River

Yes, we do travel a fair bit. We do wedding video’s as far as Margaret river or Albany. We have even done a few wedding video’s in Geraldton. We love shooting wedding video’s. Period! There is no location to far for us to travel. We have shot weddings in Africa and Europe so will gladly travel any where in Australia. With wedding videography you will find people will source and research the best videographers. Then again, some will ask Uncle Tom with his handycam to record the big event. We really would not recommend that as an option.

Your wedding video clock is ticking …

So please talk to us about your wedding video, complete our Contact Us form and we will get straight back to you and make sure all is ready for when you start the clock. Feel free to call us on 0400777979.


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Hiring a videographer for your wedding is an important decision. After all, your wedding is the most important day of your life. You need to be certain that a competent and professional person is in charge of capturing the moments that you want to cherish for the rest of your life. We are the right people to call if you are going to need a wedding videographer in Perth, WA.

Your wedding Limo

Your wedding Limo

There are many things that set us apart from all of the other wedding videographers. First of all, we take our job very seriously. We will record your wedding as if we are recording our own. We do not overlook a single detail. Our preparation for each job that we take on is unmatched. Stop by our office for a completely free, no pressure consultation. Tell our professional and courteous staff exactly what kind of wedding you have in mind. We will work with you to make sure that the video we create is made to your exact specifications. While you are meeting with us, feel free to look at some of the previous wedding video we have created. These may give you some ideas that you had not thought of before.

Experience is key for wedding videographers. A wedding is full of magical and memorable moments. If these moments are not captured by the videographer correctly, they are impossible to recreate and gone forever. Hiring us to record your wedding will ensure that you never have to experience the heartbreak of finding out after your wedding that certain key moments were not recorded. When we are hired for a job, we begin a meticulous planning process. It starts with the client telling us everything that he/she wants to have included in the video. This gives us a good place to start. We will go out of our way to please out clients. Then we travel to the church and the location where the reception will be held. Seeing the venue in advance allows us to know where we should be to record the key moments of your wedding. You will find very few wedding videographer in Perth, WA, that goes through this much prep work.

This is why we are the best at what we do. This is why we have been around for so long. This is why our reputation is unmatched in the industry. Make the call today to schedule your free consultation.

Bridge of time ...

Bridge of time

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Just how much importance do you really believe you should place in having a professional in their trade, in this instance a Professional Wedding Videographer in Perth, to cover something that is as valued as the reminiscences of your own wedding ceremony?

Forrest of love

Forrest of love

Your amazing fantasy wedding day has arrived at last, you are now getting ready for that all important moment in your life, where you walk down the aisle to state those precious words to the love of your life, your bridesmaids are executing their dutiful tasks and totally fussing over you definitely making certain that all is as perfect as can be, the laughter and anticipation filling the air generating the most gorgeous music ever created, meanwhile, not too far away the man of your dreams is also getting ready alongside his handsomely dressed up groomsmen, laughing and making light of the nerves and excitement setting in! Your wedding limo now arrives ready to take you to your beginning destination, no matter if it is a church, a gazebo in the middle of a beautiful garden, a stunning white beach having the ocean as your backdrop, wherever it possibly could be, right here is the place where you have chosen to express your pure love for one another within the symbolic gesture of marriage.

It’s time to make that ever so longed for walk towards him, watching him smile proudly and lovingly at you as you walk down the aisle to stand before him, while all your family and friends surround both of you. Now is the time you say those all-important words to each other “I do!”, you finally kiss and claps and cheers erupt when you turn around now as husband and wife, what an incredibly precious moment indeed!

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wedding video perth

Shodow of love

There is one person that will not see her wedding in its completeness … the beautiful bride to be. Unless you have got a wedding video in Perth WA, you will see and recall the very least of your wedding day.

You will never be able to see the guys getting ready; you’re husband-to-be nervously peaking at his watch as well as constantly looking up at the door where you are to enter to walk down the aisle. You certainly will by no means witness the arrival of your guests, family and friends. You’ll never be able to witness your grand entrance with every single head turned towards you, BUT one camera capturing the tear your husband wipes away while nobody sees him. You will by no means notice the proud look on your father’s face, as he sits behind you receiving a supporting hug from your mum as they hear you say: “ I do!”; or your first kiss as husband and wife … You will never witness the MTV-like produced musical DVD of your wedding video, if there isn’t a Wedding Videographer from Perth, at your wedding. The photography session experience is definitely one of the most fun parts of your wedding and naturally the only way to capture this is on video. You wouldn’t be able feel the complete experience of entering your wedding reception venue in Perth, being able to see the vast joy and happiness as your friends and loved ones witness your arrival as husband and wife, the applause during your opening dance ringing once again in your ears as you relive the very first steps you take onto the dance floor as a married couple, recalling the funny face your husband pulled when he struggled to cut the wedding cake along with you and the husky and sexy tone your husband spoke to you throughout his speech and being able to watch the fight for the garter and bouquet. You wouldn’t be able to remember the glass of chilled Champagne your husband poured for you, as he whispered in your ear … I love you; after which remembering the pure excitement and joy within as you leave in your Limo for the honeymoon.

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wedding videographer perth

Bride getting dressed

So much effort and cost goes into preparing for one’s wedding day and most people have a budget they try to stick to as best they can, therefore naturally there are always corners that people try to cut to save. Unfortunately this is where one can start paying more than they bargained for, as instead of hiring a professional wedding videographer based in Perth, for their craft to do the job; they get an amateur who naturally has very little experience. When it comes to something as important as your wedding day, there are some corners that definitely shouldn’t be cut, as there are many ways one can end up paying more than if they had spent that little extra and chose the professional right from the start and when it comes to the memories of your special day that you only have once chance to capture, this is one corner that should be taken correctly. Your Professional Wedding Videographer in Perth.

Professional wedding videographer in Perth VS an Amateur

As getting either someone you know that has had very little experience operating a video camera or an amateur that has had a little bit of experience at wedding videography in Perth, but hasn’t had the proper training or learnt the knowledge that is required to operate a camera correctly or correct positioning, great sound quality and the correct usage of the surrounding light being indoors or out, which form part of the foundation of creating a DVD production that is worthy of your memories and their viewing pleasure, compared to getting a professional Wedding Videographer who is a master of their craft, could end up costing you your memories themselves. By putting trust in an amateur with your memories you could either end up having no video footage of your special day as it wasn’t captured and saved correctly, to having a wedding DVD, but one that has been that poorly shot, it brings the wrong kind of tears to your eyes as you can’t bear to watch a moment longer as the quality is so bad, which would end up leaving you and your loved ones devastated.

wedding videographer  perth

The Bride

At Wedding Video Perth we pride ourselves on our friendly, approachable professional Wedding Videographers who are truly talented and true artists in their own right; we guarantee your special day will be captured in all its glory and portrayed in a manner that is deserving of such a special and unique day. So please contact us and allow us to help you choose a package that is affordable to you, so you can put your mind at ease knowing your memories are in good hands and enjoy the feeling of security knowing your special day will be captured in the most stunning and magical way, so when you put on your Wedding DVD in Perth, it will allow you to relive the beautiful story wrapped in all its warmth and love that is your wedding day!


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Consider Your Wedding Videographer in Perth Very Carefully

wedding video in perth for wedding couples wedding dvd

The bridal party

A story often told: “We have a great Wedding Photographer, therefore we do not see the need for a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth”, how wrong could a bridal couple be? For as beautiful as your wedding photos will be, your wedding video will allow you to relive your wedding day in full moving colour, capturing all the emotions, love and warmth of your day, given in the form of a DVD allowing “your” story to come alive on the screen for yourself and your loved ones to see; by making sure you have a professional Wedding Videographer doing this for you who has the ability, experience and knowledge of how to capture all that your wedding day embraces, is actually one of the most important choices you can make.

wedding video perth bridal couple recorded by videographer at matilda bay

Wedding couple at Matilda Bay

Finding a good Wedding Videographer in Perth is an Art in itself, do your research and hopefully our website has helped point you in the right direction.

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wedding photographers in perth

Reflection of love

Your big day has finally arrived, after the incredible amount of time and effort that has been put into preparing everything perfectly for this beautiful day … Your Wedding Day! Amidst all the nerves, excitement & pure joy of your day, somehow it has suddenly come to an end and it has gone by in such a blur, that you realise there is so much of the day you are finding yourself struggling to remember … right at this very moment is when you are truly grateful that you took the time to do research on professional Wedding Videographers in Perth and made that very important choice ensuring that your amazing day was captured within the stunning and artful manner of videography in Perth,WA, as well as the beautiful form of photography.

wedding videographer perth

The Kiss

What is the price of wedding videography in Perth

When it comes to making sure you have the precious memories of such a special time in your life, there truly isn’t a price that can be placed on the value of having your wedding day captured in full living colour in the most magical and breath-taking way, by a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth and here at Wedding Video Perth we pride ourselves on our incredibly skilful, professional and talented Wedding Videographers and the way they are able to capture all that your beautiful day portrays, so that it can be edited and placed upon a DVD for you and your loved ones to be able to put amongst your most treasured items for always, allowing the memories of your beautiful wedding day to remain just as clear as the very day it happened.

wedding video perth

Beach wedding

Your wedding DVD in Perth

As you press play on your very own Wedding DVD and sit back with all your loved ones around you, watching your beautiful day that filled your heart with such pure joy being brought back to life right before your eyes, re-awakening all the incredible feelings you felt overwhelm you, allowing you to recall in a stunningly visual display all the wonder and magic that was your wedding day, you truly do realise the value that is held within having a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth capture on video your perfect day!

So please contact us at Wedding Video Perth, so that we can make sure your memories are yours to keep, by designing a wedding video package especially for you.

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The Art of Your Cinematic Video Production in Perth, WA

Perth wedding video production is an art.

wedding video perth recording wedding

"With this ring .."

The art of professional videography is crafted by years of experience; it is developed and fine-tuned from years of shooting weddings and corporate events; shooting under extreme conditions and challenging every creative idea you have. Dedication, insight and passion drive a good videographer.

perth wedding video

Thirties Limo

Your Wedding Videographer should capture the sights, sounds and feelings you experience during your wedding day; by allowing our team of dedicated professionals to tend to your videography needs, your wedding video or rather DVD will become timeless and by capturing your special day, those times that tend to pass in such a blur will be yours to remember once again for always.

Please review our website and call us on: +61400777979; or Email us so that we may answer any questions.

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Your wedding video produced in Perth | 24 hours – The clock is ticking

There is one person that will not see her wedding in its completeness … YOU, the lovely bride. Unless you have a wedding video produced in Perth, you will see and remember the least of your wedding day and on your wedding day you only get one chance to record this once-in-a-lifetime event. Once the 24 hours have passed through the hour glass, you will never be able to get those 24 hours back in your life, unless you have your special day recorded on video by a Professional Wedding Videographer in Perth.

wedding video perth

Have fun on your wedding day

You won’t ever be able to experience the MTV like produced musical DVD of your wedding video … Your special day, that you have dreamed of and put so much effort into, you will find has suddenly gone by so quickly and in such a blur, that it all starts to become … but a fading memory.

It is our mission and would be our privilege at iWedding Video in Perth to be able to help you remember and relive your most precious day, for you and your loved ones to be able to cherish long after the day’s end, by wrapping up for you in the form of a DVD all the magic and beauty that was and is your wedding day, for you will now be able to sit back and take in ALL of your amazing day step by step, moment by moment whenever your heart desires, for you made the choice to allow our Professional Wedding Videographers to work their magic in capturing your special day!

wedding videographer capturin a Perth wedding video

Fun on wedding night

The clock is ticking … so please talk to us about your wedding video, complete our Contact Us form and we will get straight back to you and make sure all is ready for when your 24 hours start!

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