Your Wedding Day … What’s within a Memory?

Just how much importance do you really believe you should place in having a professional in their trade, in this instance a Professional Wedding Videographer in Perth, to cover something that is as valued as the reminiscences of your own wedding ceremony?

Forrest of love

Forrest of love

Your amazing fantasy wedding day has arrived at last, you are now getting ready for that all important moment in your life, where you walk down the aisle to state those precious words to the love of your life, your bridesmaids are executing their dutiful tasks and totally fussing over you definitely making certain that all is as perfect as can be, the laughter and anticipation filling the air generating the most gorgeous music ever created, meanwhile, not too far away the man of your dreams is also getting ready alongside his handsomely dressed up groomsmen, laughing and making light of the nerves and excitement setting in! Your wedding limo now arrives ready to take you to your beginning destination, no matter if it is a church, a gazebo in the middle of a beautiful garden, a stunning white beach having the ocean as your backdrop, wherever it possibly could be, right here is the place where you have chosen to express your pure love for one another within the symbolic gesture of marriage.

It’s time to make that ever so longed for walk towards him, watching him smile proudly and lovingly at you as you walk down the aisle to stand before him, while all your family and friends surround both of you. Now is the time you say those all-important words to each other “I do!”, you finally kiss and claps and cheers erupt when you turn around now as husband and wife, what an incredibly precious moment indeed!

The wedding photographer has started taking the group pictures after your vowels have been exchanged and all are now gathering around the newlyweds to congratulate them personally, then the bridal party make their way to the chosen location for photos, once done you all arrive at the reception area and are once more greeted through the eruption of claps and cheers with your introduction as Mr and Mrs as you are guided to the bridal table, once you arrive you take a small moment to take it all in, all of the smiling loving faces of family and friends and how beautiful your reception area looks, you smile to yourself as all of the hard work has paid off big time! The night moves on and suddenly speeches roll around plus your husband stands to address all before him, this is were you catch yourself holding your breath and fighting back the tears of overwhelming joy as they form, while you look upon him seeing the pure happiness shining in his eyes and a beaming smile upon his face as his loving words for you leave his lips. Now the time has come for your first dance as husband & wife and you exchange a little smile with each other both secretly hoping it goes as well now as it did in rehearsal, it does and you are both now feeling ever so proud as you hear all the claps and cheers of approval!  Then there’s the cutting of the cake, throwing of your beautiful bouquet and removal of the garter and now suddenly the night is coming to an end and it is now time for the loving goodbyes & best wishes just before both of you make your exit to your car to set off for your long awaited honeymoon!

Love is timeless

Love in a Forrest

What a tremendous day and wonderful night indeed! …. How important to you are these precious memories belonging to a day in your life you have dreamt of and after so much loving preparation you find has now been and gone? As even though you have your beautiful memories, you start to realise just how many moments you actually missed as you weren’t in a position to be able to experience them all, as you were somewhere else at the time and the parts you were present for you realise that even at this point, so recently after your wedding day you find yourself struggling with the memories of your beautiful day, acknowledging how much it really did pass by so quickly leaving most memories feeling like a blur.

What’s within a memory? … Everything!! This is why it’s so tremendously critical that you ensure you have a quality Professional Wedding Videographer present, to ensure each one of these memories you long to be capable of treasuring for always are captured according to your needs and also for your family members and friends in living moving motion, for this is naturally a day that is undoubtedly too precious to place in the hands of just anyone!

At Wedding Video Perth we pride ourselves on being able to capture for you your wedding day in all its beauty, so that you can have for always the ability to constantly relive your special day whenever you press play, being able to watch it once again come alive upon the very screen before you whenever your heart desires!

Wedding Video Perth uses only the very best in videography equipment, ensuring that our cameras and necessary accessories are crisp and clear within their visual display and accurate and precise with their capturing capability. Along with this our Professional Wedding Videographers are fully trained and also have years of experience behind them, they’re true masters of their craft and due to the dedication they have within for their videography, your wedding video will certainly be the true work of art it should be, capturing all of the happiness, warmth, love and emotion that your beautiful wedding will be wrapped within.


Wedding Video has wedding videography packages that may be exactly what you have been looking for, however, if for any reason you happen to be unable to find your ideal package already set out, we are definitely more than able to customise a package personally for yourself, covering your personal needs and also that caters to your particular budget, so please use the contact information provided and one of our friendly staff will arrange a meeting with one of our Professional Wedding Videographers in Perth to sit down and discuss your requirements with you personally.


Touch ... Hold ... Love ...

Touch … Hold … Love …

Allow us to help you tick one very significant part off your list and that is definitely the capturing of your precious memories, by allowing us to arrange for you the ideal videography package for your own intimate perfect day … your wedding day!

Natural beauty

Natural beauty


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